Inspirational Speaker

"Educating Future Stars & Changing Lives"

A Community Partner Organization

Mr. George A. Monge
Inspirational Speaking - Conflict Mediator
Gang Prevention, Intervention & Education Specialist
Non-Profit , Community Coalition Development
Family and Youth Program Developer


The educational, charitable and scientific purpose of the Corporation is to help, heal, renew and educate youth, families and professionals on making positive choices. The services are available to all youth, families and professionals regardless of race, religion or national origin.

Mission Statement

  • To collaborate with at-risk-youth, public and private community based organizations.
  • To educate and discourage the use of illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco while reducing the violence associated with the abuse of these substances.
  • We plan to encourage the advancement of families by utilizing relationships, resources and determination with a Holistic approach.

Now Living in Las Vegas, Mr. Monge is looking to offer his speaking services to
community based organization, youth, families and providers.